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Delivery & Return Procedures

Collection your Peugeot vehicle

Upon arrival, if you plan to collect the vehicle and you have supplied your flight details, simply follow the procedure outlined in the depot guide. If you're not collecting from a flight, please make an appointment by calling the number provided in the depot guide.

Peugeot Europe Representative will wait for you for up to 1 hour after the actual arrival time of your scheduled flight and 30 minutes after the time of the appointment.

When collecting your vehicle please present your passport and a copy of your Peugeot order form.

The spouse or partner of the contract holder may also collect the vehicle, providing they present an original proxy form, including the phrase "I authorise my spouse/partner ............ to take delivery of and drive my vehicle." A photocopy of the contract holder's passport is also required.

Items given at time of collection

The Peugeot Representative will give you several items:

  • Two vehicle keys
  • Vehicle registration document (carte grise) or provisional registration certificate (CPI)
  • Insurance certificate, including your summary of cover
  • Map with directions to the return centre, if not already provided
  • 10-15 litres of fuel (depending on the model)
  • Road safety kit (reflective vest and a warning triangle)
  • Peugeot Europe pack: Travel Book, Accident report form and Buy Back Guide

Returning your Peugeot vehicle

The customer must phone the Peugeot Europe Representative at the specified depot at least four working days before the end of the contract to make an appointment to return the vehicle. All the information you need will be supplied during this call. Representatives will wait for no longer than 30 minutes beyond the agreed time.

If you need to change the return location

To return your vehicle to a different depot, you must contact Peugeot Europe by email or phone, at least 4 working days before the end of the contract, Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm (excluding French public holidays).

If the vehicle is returned within France, whereas the initial contract specified a depot outside of France, you will not be reimbursed for the difference. If the vehicle is returned outside France, whereas the initial contract specified a depot within France, you will be required to pay the return fee.

If you need to change the return date

You may extend your contract providing you give Peugeot Europe at least 4 working days' notice before the end of the contract. For fees and additional information, click here.

If you return your vehicle early, there will be no refund for unused days.

Telephone Numbers

  • Inside France: 01 30 19 32 91
  • Outside France: +33 (0) 1 30 19 32 72

Items to be returned

You are required to return several items:

  • Your vehicle with its original tyres
  • Two vehicle keys
  • Vehicle registration document (carte grise) or provisional registration certificate (CPI)
  • International Insurance Document

Additional charges will apply if any items are missing on return, or if you return the vehicle later than the contract specifies. If the vehicle is returned dirty, the vehicle will undergo a deep clean for an additional charge, charged to the contract holder.

Important Information

Arrival Times
If you experience delay for any reason and your pick up time will be affected, please contact your delivery centre as soon as possible to let them know.

Attention Drivers
All drivers must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driver's licence. An international driver's licence is required for many countries in Europe.

Getting There
Please check the location information concerning your return centre in the Location section.