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Peugeot is a French automotive manufacturer which was founded in 1810. As more Australian residents are travelling for long periods in Europe Car Leasing has been implemented. European car leasing enables Australian residents to lease a car rather than hiring if they intend on travelling in Europe between 21 and 170 days (depending on location).

The concept of Car Leasing was originally introduced by the French Government as an incentive scheme to promote tourism within France. From here, the tax-free buy-back program enables Car-2-Europe Peugeot to lease out our vehicles at discounted rates. You are essentially leasing a vehicle and we buy it back from you after your leasing period has ended.

Our main goal is to provide our clients with consistent and high quality service that they can rely on. With pick-up and drop-off locations in a total of 27 depots across Europe, there's a location to suit everyone.

When you arrive in Europe, you'll be given the keys to a brand new, tax free, left hand drive Peugeot. The all-inclusive, nil excess rate comes with full vehicle insurance with coverage in 41 countries, full factory warranty, personal accident insurance, unlimited kilometres and 24 hour roadside assistance.