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Peugeot Rifter

A Peugeot Rifter is our latest addition to our Peugeot car leasing fleet in Europe, ideal for larger travel parties with enough seats for five to seven passengers. Lease a brand new Rifter from Peugeot and travel in style not over-spending on your travel budget. Our Car-2-Europe Peugeot program is designed for longer trips to Europe ranging from 21-175 days in one consecutive year. To lease a Rifter, drivers must reside outside of the European Union and not traveling to Europe for monetary gain. Finally, drivers must hold a valid drivers license and be over the age of 18. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a lease and if your travel itinerary makes you a good candidate to lease a car in Europe.

If you are spending over three weeks driving across Europe your going to want a reliable mode of transportation. What could be more reliable than a brand new Peugeot Rifter! These new vehicles come fully equipped with front & rear parking sensors, rear view camera, keyless entry & start, along with an electric parking brake. All Peugeot models come with a built-in GPS and air conditioning. Peugeot themselves brand the Rifter as a leisure activity vehicle with a distinct style.

Peugeot Rifter Specifications

Model HP Engine Seats Trunk Capacity
RIFTER DIESEL MANUAL 130 1.5L 5 775L Yes Yes
RIFTER DIESEL MANUAL 130 1.5L 7 209L Yes Yes
All models are equipped with airbags, cruise control, Bluetooth, and USB socket.

Download your vehicle manual to your smartphone through the links below and get to know your Peugeot vehicle to ensure your trip is trouble free.

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